A Viral News Confirms Price, Launch Date of iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro Max

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It is fabulous news for the iPhone lovers that is prevalent on the Rumour launch of the iPhone 15 in the market. It is estimated that the new iPhone series is about to launch in September this year. As we know all the iPhone series have already won the hearts of users by its features. As we have seen before, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro were Launched a few months ago and the Rumours about the iPhone 15 are on its way to release. Still we have assorted months before the launch of iPhone 15 Model, Although, as Apple usually announces iPhone releases in the nemesis. Particularly, there’s still ample time for Rumours updates to make the rounds.

What is The Launch Date of iPhone 15?

Apple is anticipating to unbosom its 2023 iPhone series in September this year. The forthcoming iPhone 15 series is about to offer four models named as iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. As per Wall Street Analyst Dan Ives, the company may hike the cost of Pro models by up to $200. 

As per the previous predictions made by Ives last year about the hike in cost for the iPhone 14 series that fell out to be accurate. In a conversation with CNBC, the Analyst said Apple may have regard to the same strategies with iPhone 15 series. He didn’t particularly mention the model-wise price, but said that the company will hike the average selling cost of iPhones in the US.

Some Highlighted Rumoured Features of iPhone 15:

iPhone 15

Apple is likely to provide disparate data transfer rates across its previous range. iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus limit USB for 2.0 speeds (480 megabits per second) whether Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro models will buttress Thunderbolt 3 (40 gigabits / 40,000 megabits per second). Pros may also buttress output to monitor at 4K with some more features coming in iOS 17. The rumoured features of iPhone 15 are to be anticipated as 6.1 and 6.7-inch sizes, periscope zoom lens in camera, A17 chip, USB-C port, Qualcomm modem chip.

Warning issued before the Release of iPhone 15:

The impactful one is one of the harder ones to spot: USB-C that Apple is Exerting to Restrict USB-C charging and data transfer speeds in phones for all cables which ain’t certified through Made for iPhone (MFi) program. In this regard, the European Union has given the ultimatum to make a taboo on the sale of iPhones in its member countries. The new port in iPhone is a fallacy for Lightning, that it supersedes, but the giveaway will notably be rife for the fruitful result for marketing purpose and the prototype models show USB-C which is presented in all the four iPhone 15 models. iPhone 15 Pro models are anticipated to have comparatively good data speeds, which may put the launch of the new iPhone series in trouble in European countries.

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