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Years ago, some researchers inquisitiveness about baby hygiene dragged the attention that it is requisite for us to take the best care of our child. Centuries ago, Johnson’s Baby(Best Baby Products Brands in India) was founded in 1893 in response to a letter from a physician regarding a patient suffering from skin irritations after using medicated plasters in 1892. We were introduced to the product in 1894 which is the first brand for child hygiene. 

Nowadays, we can see that there are several products which show the concern of baby hygiene in the market. Products focus particularly on the non-chemical used while manufacturing and this is the reason why adults are also fantasised to use baby products. Now all the baby products are introduced to us e.g. shampoos, soaps, creams, talcum powder, diapers, wipes, etc to provide them the best comfort. 

Baby hygiene products reflect the sphere of safety of personal care products, and the ways of  medical expertise have been entreated to endorse hygiene and practice of infant care products. Traditionally, the proper care of the babies had been sourced by mothers and grand mothers in our society. As they always prefer the home made products and recipes. It is utterly replaced through these products recommended by doctors who created manuals to educate mothers about proper hygiene as well as their way of believing in traditional ones. 

Here are The Top 5 Best Baby Products Brands in India:

1. Superbottoms

Superbottoms was founded four years ago, Superbottoms has made a huge room for children and their hygiene. Superbottoms has become no 1. brand for child care products. They are manufacturing the cloth diaper with utmost moisture which is rashes free, and products are extremely liked by people and its market has taken over 2 lakh users with 0% compromise.

These products are made of 100% pure cotton cloth and 0% compromise when it comes to hygiene. As parents, you can ensure that its products are worth spending for babies and the environment.

By using R3U – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Upcycle – ensures that these products should be amicable for our babies as well as the environment.

Superbottoms team is dedicated to making products with love+ zero compromise, which is the source of our happiness! 

We are grateful to every parent who likes our products and is curious to know the depth of what we do & believes in our core strength for bringing innovative ideas. Trust and try our products once and again!! 

2. R For Rabbit

R For Rabbit is one of The Best Baby Products Brands in India. The company was founded in 2014, It’s established in order to address the real parenting concern faced by our founders when they were about to give birth to their first child. The unfilled gap of safety-certified and good quality products is what led the founders to step into entrepreneurship and bring the expected quality, comfort and convenience in reasonable price for all our babies.

Founders began the journey together. So they decided that everything has to be safe and kosher. After 9 sedulous months, they also wanted the best for their newborn. So, they did all the research they could and then they  decided to create their own product which was completely safe & certified toxin free. It became a sleeper hit brand which developed products from several research and attempts to solve the problems that we face as parents. They launched the product with the aim of making it mum-baby friendly, toxin-free, environment-friendly, marked as international standards & this is how R for Rabbit was born!!

3. Pampers

In 1982, Pampers brought an innovative idea of an elasticized wingfold diaper with elastic leg garner and feasible tapes which had a cross between the early 1960s design and the modern, a feature that was introduced first time in 1976 and evolved the industry standard in 1985. As time passes, industry has started making more products as per the market’s demand. Try other products too rather than diapers and nowadays packaging of different products are also in demand and people find it very reasonable!

Try the products and enjoy the pampers.

4. Himalaya

Himalaya is the ancient company in the Indian market and products are highly trusted by the people in india. As we know its products are less chemical used and they have a set of variety specifically in each product for example, face wash, soaps, shampoos, baby oil etc.

Highly recommended brand in India with ample hygiene products.

Trust and try the baby products for the hygiene of our babies!

5. Johnsons’s Baby

Johnson’s baby products are the most trustable as we know it is the first brand which was founded by america for the hygiene of babies. The oldest and most used product with its high quality is maintained till now. First they launched the talcum powder only but slowly they launched other products too. People never compromise with the quality of the usable item. So, we found it the most desirable and trustable as they are up to mark.

Try the products again and again!

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