List of 10 Best Clothing Brands in India

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Looking For The Best Clothing Brands in India? Centuries ago, clothing styles had been popularly concerned among all of us, as we know that our sartorial choices make us unique in look. Clothing style and fabric play a requisite role in our lifestyle as it gives comfort, make us feel great about ourselves. 

In ancient times, we had taken the styles and designings from the sculptures in india. Initially we didn’t know much about this, however slowly we started covering ourselves as we got aware of it. We used woven cloth and were using handicraft cloths as we kept away from the technical world. 

Nowadays, It becomes easier to have access to all types of fabric and styles at a reasonable price. Fashion market has been extended and the fashion sense is iterating itself every decade. People are utterly open to experiencing new styles and always going with the trend.

Here are The Top 10 Best Clothing Brands in India

1. Adidas

Adidas encompasses the largest market in the top two brands in sports. Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler and Rudolf which is known as AG (Adidas Group) in Germany, 1924. It comes first in Europe and second in the world. Dassler introduced an innovative notion to U.S. sprinter Jesse Owens to avail himself of that handmade spikes for the first time at the 1936 Summer Olympics

In 1949, Adolf Dassler owned Adidas alone as the company was dismantled between the two of them. Initially, it was confined to shoe designing but now expanded to sports wear too.

Sport wears and shoes both have been up to the mark as the best product for maintaining its high quality. Trust and try the product once and again!!

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2. Beyoung

BeYoung was born in 2017, that is a creative soul of four whose prime purpose was to ensconce an e-commerce brand that can serve young souls best quality product contrast with fashion trends and distinctive accessories and designs beyond expectation and a trendy product range.

Be Young is simple and carries a pensive vision, diligence, and perseverance. Beyoung provides the bestest of the quality to the customers as there’s nothing more important than customer’s satisfaction. Beyoung emphasises on creating products that give comfort, designs, qualitative fabric, style etc.

The notion of Beyoung is to represent the young souls who speak their mind and believe their heart. Beyoung as a brand focusing on creating products that hold style, opinions, and personality which maintains relevance to the latest fashion trends. 

We are trying to provide a rich quality product to our customers!!

3. Cultsport

Cultsport is a privately handled company which was founded in 2018 and its headquarter is in Bangalore. It has created a sensation among fitness freaks. People who follow the proper gyming clothing their first preference would be cultsport because comfort is its first priority and it provides the sustainability over prolong and gives the experience of a luxurious lifestyle to their customers. Cultsport is not just providing products but it also gives the essence of comfort. Customers can feel a sense of ownership with the brand and become loyal to the brand.  

There’s no substitute to this brand as customers are highly content using these products.

Try and feel the cultsport once and again!!

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4. H&M

H&M was founded in 1947 by Erling Persson, and current CEO of the company is Helena Helmersson. He opened his first store in sweden. They were exclusively manufacturing clothes for women only. It was named Hennes which means “hers”.

Now it is known as Hennes & Mauritz AB or H&M Group and operates 4000+ stores all over the world. H&M is particularly famous for its fashion trends and they are working on a very large scale and also working with seasoned fashion designers who have rooted knowledge of fashion and fabric. When we use any particular brand, it creates a personality and gives a lot of confidence which can easily be felt.

Try and feel H&M once and again!!

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5. Marks & Spencers

Marks & Spencer was discovered by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in 1884. M & S is also working in collaboration with Ocado which is a food venture. M&S is working in various domains, for example selling clothing, beauty, food products and home products. Its headquarter is in London and they are running 900+ stores all over the world and delivering the best quality products with creative ideas as followed by trends.

M&S entered into British manufacturers and are following the policy of refunding the amount for the unwanted items and giving full cash refund if you show them receipt beyond any time boundation. 

Try and enrich your experience with Marks&Spencer.

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6. Jockey

Jockey was previously known as Coopers Inc., and was founded by Samuel T. Cooper in St. Joseph Michigan in 1876. In 1900, they started their business with manufacturing undergarments and In 1934 they had to face a huge loss but Harry H.

Wolf rebuilt the company again. With his marketing skills the company became a brand itself and slowly they also expanded in sports wear but particularly it is known for its comfy fabric. Jockey is  providing the best quality product to its customers and experience is not just satisfactory but permanently impactful. Jockey is particularly known for its highly comfy fabric and quality product.  

Try and feel Jockey once and again!!

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PUMA is a German multinational company that is famous for its designings and manufacturing for athletic and casual footwear and sportswear, accessories and apparel. Its headquarters is located in Bavaria, Germany. In a short span PUMA has become the third largest manufacturer in the world.

After the separation of his brother Rudolf Dassler started his own company in 1948 and had the company reach its pinnacle himself. They started promoting their products in the Olympics by offering to players. This is how they captivated the largest market all over the world.

Puma features its distinctive logo on each product which was introduced in 1958.

According to English newspaper The Guardian Puma stated that the company is  to add value on environmental impact” and made a commitment that they will try to meet the sustainability standard and ensure recycling products.

In 2016, the company won an “Innovation Award” in Supply Chain Finance.

Try and feel PUMA once and again!!

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8. Mufti

Mufti, the company was founded by Kamal Khushlani in 1998 and its headquarter is in Mumbai and they are serving and contributing to men’s fashion trends and facilitating in Clothing and Footwear domains. The company manufactures jeans, shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, joggers, blazers and jackets etc.

Mufti owns 1500+ outlets and In 2014, signed Indian Actor Kartik Aaryan as its brand ambassador. They have a wide range of clothes with high quality, non-negotiable pricing. They are facilitating the customers through trending designs and availability of the product in large quantities.

Try it once & again and enrich your experience with Mufti!!

9. The Souled Store

The Souled Store was founded by Four souls and has introduced us to their innovative ideas of funky look and it is influenced by pop-culture and it can be felt while using its products. Its stunning designs and comfy fabric can enthral your utter attention and they are also providing us printing phone covers, hoodies, badges, mugs, etc.

The company specifically promotes the funky product so that they can spread happiness to the childish demands of customers. The company also provides huge discounts on the product and increases the lifespan of the product to maintain the sustainability. So, If you are seeking for the quality product you are at the right place. The company also facilitates with its printing ideas to retain your fandom in your living.

Try the products and its unique ideas by experimenting with The Souled Store!!

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10. Sivvi

Sivvi is an online retailer which sells clothing, accessories and footwear for both men & women and It is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates based company which was founded in Rashid Alabbar in 2014. They are delivering the products up to the mark as per the demand. They have selectively-branded clothes which can be grabbed at huge discount prices.

They are facilitating their customers by providing them a wide range of variety in clothing and designing contrasted with the trends. The company provides beauty products, accessories, clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, sports etc with ample brands in a wide range at a reasonable price. All at just one platform, no need to wander here or there.

Avail yourself of a huge discount on products and enrich your experience with Sivvi.

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