Top 5 Best Clothing Brands in UAE (Mens and Womens Clothing)

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“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.”

                                                                               – BILL CUNNINGHAM

Clothes always give us a sense of belonging and comfort, so while clothing we must keep in mind that carrying fashion is another significant aspect of style.

Our sartorial choices also contribute to our personality, so wearing stuff with immense confidence, in different styles makes us look different, makes us feel good about ourselves, and sometimes drags the attention too.

Slowly with time we, our way of thinking, evolve and we learn to carry things in the bestest of ways.  

Are You Looking For The Top 5 Best Clothing Brands in UAE?

UAE is the biggest Spot where people prefer to visit and a biggest hub for clothing and the best place to launch the new product in the market but the problem is to find the best clothing brand for yourself because people are gathered from here and there with mixed culture so it becomes quite difficult for us!

Here are The Top 5 Best Clothing Brands in UAE 

When we talk about Clothing then we can see men don’t have many options but on the other hand women have ample choices for clothing as per their demand and comfort. So, you can avail yourself of women and men’s best clothing brands at the same place.

We are introducing you to the Top 5 Best Clothing Brands in UAE at your convenience. Hence, enhance and enrich your experience with us. 

Here we are trying to find out the solution to your problem and introducing you to some fine brands which surely will help you to pick the best for yourself.

1. Damensch

Best Clothing Brands in UAE

Damensch is one of the Best Clothing Brands in the UAE. Anurag Saboo, an alumni of IIT Delhi, ex-employee of, Snapdeals & others with a handful experience in the fashion industry and Gaurav Pushkar are the founders of the company and they founded Damensch in 2018 to add some thrill to men’s styling. Initially their focus was men only but later they expanded the business and introduced women’s clothing too. 

The expertise is used in each and every product and fabric also contains high-quality, long lasting colours with high standards of durability, eco-friendly material to keep the sustainability with the environment, keeping the luxurious designs that are constantly competing with the other product’s etc. 

The Company keeps all the varieties of men’s clothing for instance; Innerwear, Topwear, Socks, Bottomwear, T-shirts & Joggers, Casual wears, Chino shorts, SweatShirts, Hoodies, Sleep Trousers, Constant Joggers, Pyjamas Pants etc.

Thus, find yourself an innovative sense of clothing and styling.

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2. H&M

Best Clothing Brands in UAE

In 1947, Erling Persson founded H&M fashion clothing brand which is one of the Best Clothing Brands in the UAE and Currently Helena Helmersson is serving as a CEO of  H&M. The journey started in Sweden with a little store. Initially, they were focusing on women’s clothing.

It was named Hennes which means “hers”. Now it is known as Hennes & Mauritz AB or H&M Group and operates 4000+ stores all over the world. H&M is particularly famous for its fashion trends and their work is spreaded over a large scale.

They are also working with seasoned fashion designers who have rooted knowledge of fashion and fabric. When we use any particular brand, it creates a personality and gives a lot of confidence which can easily be felt.

H&M is designing clothes for Kids, Accessories, Women, Men, New Born Babies, and H&M Home works upon the home essentials for instance; Cushions, Giftwraps, Curtains, Bed-Sheets, etc.

Try and feel H&M once and again!!

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3. American Eagle Outfitters

Best Clothing Brands in UAE

Jerry Silverman and Mark Silverman are the brothers who founded American Eagle Outfitters in 1977 as a subsidiary of Retail Ventures and the company was exclusively focusing on men’s wear. American Eagle Outfitters is one of the Best and Old Brands in the UAE.

This brand promotes all kinds of varieties for regular wear for instance; jeans, polo shirts, boxers wear, outerwear, swimwear, graphic T-shirts, etc and the brand also targets the uniforms for male & female for school and university students.

The company went on a large scale in 1991 and opened 16 new stores and lost money in business. After some years the company started putting its label on the clothes that impacted the market in other ways. 

American Eagle Outfitters are working in a variety of clothing for men and women for instance; Men and Women’s wear with a variety of jeans, tops, bottoms, shoes, Accessories etc. 

4. New Balance

Best Clothing Brands in UAE

New Balance Arch Support Company founded by William J. Riley in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts. New Balance is one of the best clothing brands in the UAE. It is famous for its aesthetic designs and styling for footwear, accessories, apparel, with high-quality fabric, long-lasting colour sourced with the high standards of durability etc.

The brand initially was working in the United Kingdom in the European Market in a fashion show. They differentiate its products on the basis of technical features that blend with heels counters, a large selection of sizes, a blend of gel inserts, etc.

The brand promotes all the products as per the demand of the consumers and trends. They have a mammoth range of products for instance; Kids wear, women wear, men wear, NB home accessories, etc. 

Try the products of New Balance once and again!

5. Debenhams

Best Clothing Brands in UAE

Debenhams is one of the best clothing brands in the UAE. William Debenhams founded the brand in 1778 as a single store in London and expanded to 178 locations across those countries and the company had also increased the range of its products in various categories for instance; household items, home accessories, beauty, clothing, furniture, etc with a costing of mid to high range. 

In April 2019 and April 2020, twice companies had faced the financial crisis. So, overall there were 2500 job cuts in the pandemic which shattered their market capital too. 

As per the sources, the trading graphs were giving the clarity that going back to normal will be a prolonged period.

But somehow they improved those parts and now they are backed with exclusive designs, high-quality fabric, eco-friendly materials, products are available both ways online and offline etc. 

Try the products of Debenhams once and again!