Top 5 Best Cosmetics Brands in India

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Cosmetics have always played a significant role in our life. For years, people have been using cosmetics to have a better look. In the beginning, they used some natural sources which were most trusted by people. Now, Companies are making use of both chemical compounds and natural sources. Even though there are regular products in the market with excellent quality still, people are more inclined towards organic products. Cosmetics induce us for hygiene, makeup, personal care, fragrances, skincare etc. It aids to clean, protect, and enhance your beauty.

Nowadays, one can change one’s appearance with a makeover. Several products are available with unique ideas to change the look. For example-  eyebrow shapers, lip plumper, eye-liner with unique colors, contour kits, etc.

Now people are completely dependent on cosmetics in day-to-day lives. The reason that the cosmetic industry is doing so well and many celebs are embarking into this venture. Here is the list of the popular Cosmetics Brands in India are Juicy Chemistry, The Body Shop, Kindlife, Dot & Key, and St. Botanica.

Cosmetics has become a need now, It is not anymore a want. Now it is part of fashion and looks. Nowadays, applying different styles has become a trend, e.g. use of eye liner, availability of products according to skin types and complexion. One can disguise any flaw with a thick layer of makeup products


Here are The Top 5 Cosmetics Brands in India:

1. Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is ensconced by Pritesh and Megha Asher’s relentless effort to question their inquisitiveness about beauty and personal care products. They embarked into the cosmetic industry and founded Juicy Chemistry in 2014. They completely transformed organic and natural personal care. They together did ample research for a truly efficacious gamut of 100% organic and natural products.

They are inspired by their own story when Megha had sensitive skin and was prone to acne owing to PCOD, and over a decade she struggled to find the right choice. Then, One day, They purchased a few ‘organic’ products and noticed that the ingredients were refined from raw materials. 

The Company provides us various Skin Care, Face Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Makeup Care products etc.

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2. Dot & Key

The Dot & Key is to bring the change in how we keep our look by dragging attention to the problems we may overlook, but in fact, affect the way we feel and appear. To address these issues, we introduced you to the key of a deeper and long-lasting, better version of beautiful.

They have an approach to formulate and activate the ingredients in the most natural way. We take precautions to diminish anything that can affect your body and ecology. Each and every product is tested clinically to ensure 100% dermatological safety.

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3. KindLife

KindLife is established by Peas of three pods – Radhika, Vidit & Manasa and They had availed themselves through some experiments with other cosmetics products which made them think about KINDLIFE to make it the first choice of every individual. And that’s how they introduced us to these fabulous products – and decided to facilitate the world to make a kindmove.

Try them once and again, visit them to have the best quality products

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4. The Body Shop:

The Story of The Body Shop was begun with a vision to transform human life.  The Body Shop had been discovered by Dame Anita Roddick at Brighton, in England in 1976. It’s her belief to bring the revolution in the cosmetics industry: Business can be a force for good. It has existed in the market over 4 decades.

The Body Shop started its journey in 1976, from a green painted shop to streets of Brighton, in England. It was simply, ethically, and naturally sourced ingredients from all over the world. Before manufacturing they heed all skin types of products and beauty rituals that made us feel comfortable in our own skin.

She said that once “Business shapes the world. Business creates the capability to change society in any possible way one can imagine.”

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5. St. Botanica:

Cosmetics Brands in India

St.Botanica, they provide the best quality products for all skin and hair types by using the rational approach to bring out the best from Nature. St.Botanica specializes in developing good products that can be unique and natural in its formulation as committed. They are using a scientific approach to create an exceptional variety that meets the expectations of all. We are prevalent across the world for our good quality  products which have a positive impact on our lives including these countries the USA, Australia, Singapore, India, and the UK.

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