Top 5 Best Diagnostics Labs in India Which are Also Available Online:

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After the pandemic, everything is available at our doorstep. These initiatives have made our life easier than expected. Through this article, we will find the Top 5 best Diagnostics Labs in India which deliver the best services at your doorstep just at one click or call.

They also provide all the tests at a reasonable price and also provide packages that are more helpful for the elderly as their health is our concern. If you want the services at home then visit their official website and book your appointment just at one click at minimum service charge.

Here’s the list of Top 5 Best Diagnostics Labs in India:

Choose yourself the best service provider for your health concern. In our recommendations, Tata 1mg is on the top that also provides you tests at huge discount or you can also avail yourself of a coupon code available at its website:

1. Tata 1mg Labs:

Tata 1mg Labs is one of the top 5 best diagnostics labs in India, providing you all the services just at one click. Tata 1mg Labs also provides consultation services just at Rs.199 along with 30 min time, + 3 days follow up and get a valid prescription. They also provide online services for health & fitness for instance; 

  • Vitamins & Nutrition:
  • Diabetes Services
  • HealthCare Devices
  • Ayurveda Products
  • Health Conditions
  • Homeopathy
  • Packages at Tata 1mg Labs:

They are providing packages which start at Rs.399 and go max at Rs.3649 for instance; 

  • Good health smart package at Rs.399 
  • Comprehensive gold full body at Rs.2149 
  • Good health silver package at Rs.649
  • Comprehensive silver full body at Rs.1699
  • Women wellness premium package at Rs.1569
  • Comprehensive platinum full body package at Rs.3529
  • Senior citizen advanced package at Rs.1629
  • Senior citizen comprehensive package at Rs.3649

 2. Pathkind Labs:

Pathkind Labs is one of the best diagnostics service providers. They are offering all the healthcare services just at one call at- 7669617217. They are also providing healthcare packages to all the categories of age. They have NABL accreditation labs and they give assurance for fastest report delivery, safe & hygienic procedure, sample collection by experts at your doorstep. 

Packages at PathKind Labs:

Pathkind is really trying to be kind to us. They are offering us several packages at reasonable prices. Packages at PathKind start with Rs.899 and go max at Rs.4999 for instance;

  • HealthKind Screen Test at Rs.899
  • HealthKind Lite at Rs.1099
  • HealthKind Active at Rs.1449
  • HealthKind Total at Rs. 1949
  • HealthKind Complete at Rs.3299
  • HealthKind Advance at Rs. 3999
  • HealthKind Platinum at Rs. 4999

3. LalpathLabs:

Lal Path Labs is one of the leading diagnostics labs in India. They have labs all across the country. After the pandemic, they are offering the lab services at a reasonable price at your doorstep. It is also one of the oldest and most trustable labs in India. They also have NABL1 accreditation and international accreditation from CAP2. They are also open to join them for business collaborations or other tie-ups. Nowadays, they introduced us to special programs in which they are facilitating the patients with awareness programs of that particular disease.

Popular Packages at Lal PathLabs:

  • Glucose Fasting at Rs.80
  • Sugar Advance at Rs. 2,999
  • Sugar Basic at Rs. 1300
  • Allergy Screen at Rs. 1800

4. Metropolis Pathology:

Metropolis is one of the top 5 best diagnostic service providers in India. They are providing the pathology services in X cities only for instance; Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad. If labs are near your place then book your appointment just at one click or one call to get yourself a good treatment. Metropolis is popular for their services. They also provide all the information of diseases at their blog section for instance; health conditions, health risk, blood tests, home visit etc.

Truhealth Packages at Metropolis:

These packages start at Rs.2800 and max go at Rs. 9000. Please find the detailed packages list at Metropolis

  • Truhealth Plus just at Rs.2800
  • Truhealth Youth at Rs.4000
  • Truhealth Master at Rs.4500
  • Truhealth Senior at Rs.5000
  • Truhealth Smartwoman at Rs.5000
  • Truhealth Seniorwoman at Rs.5000
  • Truhealth Plus Couple at Rs.5000
  • Truhealth Smart Couple at Rs.8500
  • Truhealth Senior Couple at Rs.9000

5. Apollo Diagnostics:

Apollo 24|7 is one of the best diagnostics services providers in India. They are also offering services online and if it is required then they can visit home too. They are trying to facilitate their consumers through these offers and services. You can avail yourself of all the facilities at your doorstep.

Packages at Apollo Diagnostics:

All the services offered at reasonable prices at Apollo Diagnostics. Avail yourself a good treatment at one click.

  • Heart Care at Rs.475
  • Full body health check up at Rs.475
  • Diabetes Defence just at Rs.475 
  • Healthy Stomach at Rs. 475
  • Covid-19 RT PCR test for 3 people just at Rs.750
  • Culture and Sensitivity Urine at Rs.487
  • Complete Blood Count at Rs. 306

Here are Some FAQ’s on Diagnostic Labs

1. What is a diagnostic lab?

A diagnostic lab is a facility equipped with advanced medical instruments and trained professionals that specializes in conducting various diagnostic tests and analyses to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions.

2. What types of tests are typically performed in diagnostic labs?

Diagnostic labs offer a wide range of tests, including blood tests, imaging (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans), urine analysis, genetic testing, pathology tests, and more.

3. Why might I need to visit a diagnostic lab?

You may need to visit a diagnostic lab for various reasons, such as routine health check-ups, diagnosing specific medical conditions, monitoring chronic illnesses, or for pre-employment and insurance-related screenings.

4. How can I find a reliable diagnostic lab near me?

You can search for diagnostic labs through online directories, your healthcare provider’s recommendations, or by checking with your insurance company for in-network facilities.

5. Are the results from diagnostic labs always accurate?

Diagnostic labs maintain strict quality control standards to ensure accuracy. However, errors can occur. It’s crucial to discuss your results with a healthcare provider who can interpret them accurately.

6. Do diagnostic labs maintain patient confidentiality?

Yes, diagnostic labs are bound by strict confidentiality and privacy regulations, ensuring that your medical information is kept secure and not shared without your consent.

7. How long does it take to receive test results from a diagnostic lab?

The turnaround time for results varies depending on the type of test. Some tests provide results within hours, while others may take a few days or longer.

8. Do diagnostic labs accept insurance?

Many diagnostic labs accept health insurance. It’s advisable to check with your lab and insurance provider to understand coverage and potential out-of-pocket costs.

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