Is Boult Audio a Good Brand? Check Some Popular Products From Boult Audio:

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Yes, Boult Audio is utterly a good brand to buy any electronic component. They are also offering the best services if you find any issue with the product. You can claim that product any of the way you want online or offline. 

As per my experience products are really good quality wise and durable too. Now, they are serving multiple devices like Smartwatches, Earbuds, TWS earbuds, Headphones, Neckbands, Bluetooth Speakers, Charging-cord etc.

Boult Audio Company:

Boult is one of the Top 10 Best Earbud & Smartwatches Brands in India. Varun Gupta, an MBA in Marketing and Management from International Management Institute and Tarun Gupta founded Boult Audio together in 2017. The company started its journey on the e-commerce platform- Myntra with a small capex but now they expect the growth of the company is to reach 100 million customers by 2026. As per the sources there’s one product sold in every 5 sec and they sold 1.5 crore+ units, 15 lac + reviews on Amazon & FlipKart, 160 + service centres are in Pan India.

They are offering the TWS earbuds, Neckbands, Smartwatches, Speakers and Headphones, Accessories, Gift Cards etc. The consumers of Boult Audio are growing the fastest and the products are with improved quality and durability.   

Is Boult Audio Everyone’s first choice? 

Yes, we can say that as we all know it is now prominent among most of the people. The Bollywood Actor Saif Ali Khan and the Cricketer SuryaKumar Yadav are the brand ambassadors of this brand. 

As per the analysis Boult Audio became the 3rd-largest brand to offer made-in-India TWS devices. Boult Audio is on the third spot with 7% share value and approximate 85% growth driven by marketing strategies in the year 2022.  

Explore the products of Boult Audio at Coupons Clouds:

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Boult Omega Earbuds with 32H Playtime, Quad Mic ENC just at Rs.1,499:

  1. Product is available in two colours : Black & White
  2. It offers you a one year warranty, and is available at EMI cost, free shipping,  72 hours of replacement and discounts at- 
  3. It features back to back 32 hours usage with immersive gaming sound quality.
  4. It features bluetooth 5.2 version with active noise cancellation and some extra bass.
  5. It also features equaliser modes, Uk designs, and voice assistant.
  6. It has really a good battery back up, 10 mins of charging provides you 100min playback.

Boult Drift | Smart Watch with BT calling| music control just at Rs. 1,599

  1. The product is available in six colours: Green, Black, White, Sand Black, Beige, Blue.
  2. It offers you a one year warranty, and is available at EMI cost, free shipping,  72 hours of replacement and discounts at-  couponsclouds
  3. It features ten days of battery life with 140+ cloud based watchfaces.
  4. It features ten in charging for 2 full-days standard use.
  5. It comes along with an innovation inside that handles multiple features.
  6. It features 1.69 HD Display, and IP 68 water resistance.
  7. It also features Mini Games and monitors our health for instance; Blood pressure, Steps, Burned calories, Menstrual cycle tracker, Pulse rate etc.
  8. It also features Bluetooth Calling with notification alerts.

Boult Anchor| Wireless headphone with built-in mic & IPX5 just at Rs.3,999 

  1. The product is available just in one colour: Black
  2. The product is available at EMI cost, one year warranty, 72 hours of replacement, and free shipping at your doorstep +additional coupons codes & discounts at couponsclouds
  3. It features non-stop 30 hours playtime, with UK designs.
  4. It features some extra bass in sound, voice assistant and active noise cancellation.
  5. The product has a comfy fit, and is IPX5 water resistant.
  6. It features Bluetooth 5.0 version, inline controlling buttons and Built-in mic.  

Boult Arc| Bluetooth Speaker with camo skin & aux input just at Rs.1,199

  1. The product is available in three colours: Green, Blue, and Black.
  2. It also offers one year of warranty, 72 hours replacement, free shipment, plus additional discounts at  couponsclouds
  3. It features constant 8 hours of playtime and aux input.
  4. It features Bluetooth 5.0 version, inline controls, and voice assistant with some extra bass.
  5. The product is designed in the UK and has IPX5 water resistance. 

Feedback for the Product:

  1. The sound is good & best in the price range. Battery backup is nice. Charging is also good. Overall a good product.
  2. These are very nicely built. I love the design and buttons are smoothly clickable. In terms of sound – it’s decent and u will feel the base when u will hold the speakers

            Mic – yes you can use these for calling and mic is decent

Battery backup is 5-8 hours.

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