Google Search Generative Experience: Indian users will be able to test SGE features from today

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An amazing news for all the Indian users that Google launched its Search with Google Search Generative experience for Indian users from Thursday, perpetually adding unique features to facilitate the users. It will also make search simpler and smarter than ever before and it will reflect in our approach towards work too.  

What is Google Search Generative Experience?

It sounds interesting to develop AI-Based Google search features for us. The Search with Generative AI experiment, also known as the Search Generative Experience (SGE), seems like a new feature that’s being introduced to all the Indian users. This feature aims to enhance the search experience by utilising generative artificial intelligence technology.

Google Search Generative Experience Features and Availabilty

1. Launch and its Features: Google has launched the Search with Generative AI experiment for Indian users. This experiment adds unique features to the search experience, with the goal of making search “simpler and smarter than ever before.”

2. Availability: Users who sign up for the feature via Search Labs will be able to access it on Chrome and the Google app. The regular native Google search will continue to function as it did before.

3. Language preferences: The Search Generative Experience (SGE) will be available in both English and Hindi. Users in states where Hindi is relevant will have the option to toggle between these two languages. In other parts of India, the feature will be available only in English.

4. Accessibility: To cater to the diverse user base, a text-to-speech option is being added to the feature. This is particularly important considering the large number of new internet users who might prefer consuming content through audio.

5. Voice Search: The information also mentions that a voice search feature will be added soon. This suggests that users will be able to perform searches using their voice commands.

Puneesh Kumar sheds more light on the significance of the Search Generative Experience (SGE) and its potential benefits. The SGE represents a new step in the evolution of Google’s search capabilities, driven by advancements in generative artificial intelligence (AI). Generative AI refers to AI models that can generate new content, such as text, images, or even responses, based on patterns and data it has learned from.

Integration of Al in Google Search?

With the integration of generative AI into Google search, the scope of questions that can be answered expands. This implies that the AI-powered search feature might be able to provide answers to more complex or nuanced questions that traditional keyword-based searches might not fully address.

Also, Generative AI has the feature to restructure and organise information in various ways. This reorganisation can help users sift through vast amounts of online content more effectively, and make it easier to find relevant information and make sense of it.

Puneesh Kumar also stated that it specifically mentions the positive impact on new Internet users. These users, who might not be familiar with search techniques or might be overwhelmed by the abundance of information online, could benefit from SGE’s ability to present information in a more digestible and accessible manner. And he believes that SGE can contribute to faster understanding of topics, discovery

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