World Tribal Day 2023: History, Theme and Significance

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In the era of Transformation, some things need to be the same way. So, with the idea of not changing some particular things about us, we together celebrate “World Tribal Day” or it is also known as “World Indigenous Day”. 

On August 9, we celebrate the belongingness towards our community as well as country. While celebrating “World Tribal Day 2023” we also practise to protect our rights. 

Every year, on August 9th, the global community celebrates International Indigenous Day to make the people remember their native rights. Globally, we are dedicated to put efforts to champion and protect our rights of native communities.

This year on “World Tribal Day”, we solemnly swear that no matter whether we belong to a tribal community or not, celebrating the idea will surely make them aware about their rights. This day promotes the preservation and protection of all human rights to provide them a life of dignity to the native communities and tribal communities.

India is a country where we celebrate the cultural heritage, diversity, castes, creeds, religions, traditions, values and languages. It is vital to provide them a sense of  social belongingness to appreciate their contribution and achievements to improve the quality of life of human beings.

Origin of World Tribal Day:

World Tribal Day

Every year on August 9, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Indigenous. In December 1994, the UN Assembly decided the date to celebrate “World Tribal Day” on August 9th every year. “August 9” was selected as a tribute to  the inaugural session of the United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights’ Working Group on Indigenous Populations, which took place in Geneva in 1982 and provided the inspiration for this significant occasion.

World Tribal Day 2023 Theme

The theme for year 2023 is “World Tribal Day: revolves around “Indigenous Youth as Agents of Change for Self-determination”.

Importance of Global Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The World –

The significance of celebrating this day is a glimpse of our profound cultural diversities, cultural values, legacy, and unforgettable contributions of native communities globally. We have observed that persistent marginalisation is seldom seasoned by native people, who still are facing the racial and ethnic discrimination within society.

As per the data analysis by the UN, indigenous individuals contain even below 5 % of the global population, and 15% of the population is deprived economically of the world. They are so diverse culturally and conversely dominant, they have almost 5000 cultures and 7,000 languages all across the world.

This day makes us realise of their distinctive identities, advocating, achievements, and contribution to the society to preserve the native cultural values and emphasises to united all the efforts among government institutions, entities and communities to safeguard the welfare, honour towards our indigenous populations and at the same time, its high time to celebrate their impeccable contribution to the global legacy we share with them.

India —

We have estimated 104 million tribal individuals which contain 8.6% of the population according to the 2011 census. There are some states in India which largely constitute tribal communities for instance; Madhya Pradesh including Khargone, Dhar, Jhabua, and Ratlam, and on the other hand Bhil tribe in regions of Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan. 

This day is trying to maintain the “equality among all” which is just saying but actually they face the discrimination and are deprived of their rights.

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