Morocco Earthquake Live Updates: Death Toll Rises to 2800: Rescue Efforts Continues

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Morocco Earthquake Brief:

Since 1960 Morocco endured most deleterious quake, As per the sources, latest death toll due to this Earthqauke in Morocco is around 2,862 Rescue unit from Britain, Qatar, Spain arriving

Over six decades, in the rural part of Morocco villagers had to face a lethal earthquake on September 11, 2023 while they were sleeping outdoors. Consequences of this disaster shattered the whole country as it was the most powerful earthquake. In the need of an hour several countries came in light to assist Morocco.   

Assistance from other countries:

Rescue units from Spain, Qatar and Britain joined Morocco in this plight to relocate survivors after enduring a 6.8 magnitude earthquake which hit the High Atlas Mountains late in night on September 8, 2023. In the region of rubble, they are trying to mitigate the mud, brick, and concrete.

Due to this disaster, Morocco has accepted the offers regarding assistance from Britain, Spain, and Qatar. All of these countries have dispatched search and rescue experts with detector dogs. The UAE has also shown its interest in aiding the damaged part of Morocco. Algeria has made arrangements of three planes for transportation to rescue personnel and essential supplies. 

Updates of death toll:

As per the state TV report the death toll reached 2,862 and 2,562 people got injured on September 11. Affected areas by the earthquake zone mostly belong to remote areas. Higher authorities have not provided any information yet of the missing people.  

Repercussions of the earthquake:

Due to natural disaster in the village of Tinmel almost each and every house collapsed and left the entire community insolvent. With perpetual efforts of the military personnel has deployed the search and rescue units, providing the survival essentials for instance; drinking water, food, tents, and blankets to the victims.  

Ambush damage to Morocco:

Morocco Earthquake

Mouhammad Elhasan described his experience of facing the earthquake at the time of having dinner with family when the earthquake struck the utter area. His 31 year old son fled in the outside direction and his neighbour’s roof collapsed, trapped in debris.

Elhasan went in search of his son as he was asking for help, but eventually the cries went unheard and as he reached his son he was already dead. Elhasan, his wife and daughter have been inside the home and survived.

In some areas of Tikekhte few buildings remained standing where 66-year-old Mohamed Ouchen demonstrated how residents are helping each other, rescued more than 20 people, including his sister. He said that they had been busy rescuing people.

We had no tools, so we had to use our hands. He also added, “Her head was visible to us so we kept digging by hand,” as per the Reuters report.

72 km away from the earthquake epicentre in southwest of Marrakech where many historic buildings exist. One of the UNESCO world heritage site buildings has been damaged. This earthquake has also damaged the historically important 12th century Tinmel Mosque (the oldest one).   


In Spite of the disaster, the Moroccan government will resume with upcoming events, which are anticipated to draw over 10,000 attendees, according to the reports. Even in this condition no efforts will go in vain. 

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