India-Canada News Live Updates: Canada Issue New Travel Advisory For India 

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India-Canda News Live Updates: On Wednesday an issue came to light as a citizen of India being told that we should avoid travelling to Canada nowadays. A Diplomat of Canada put the allegation that New Delhi was engaged in the killing of a Sikh segregated near Vancouver in Canada. 

They are specifically trying to target Indian Diplomats and Sections of Indian Community who expostulate the anti-India agenda, foreign ministry gave its statement in which they advised citizens to dodge travel in some regions and venues in Canada where haphazard incidents have been seen.

However, people should take precaution and need to be more aware. Indians are being intimidated and afraid due to these situations.  

In order to get an increase in amiss activities against India, political reluctance is shown against criminal violence in Canada, all Indians here and there contemplating travel inconvenience and urge to bring utmost warry while visa formalities. Right now, those who follow anti-india agenda are just targeting Indian Diplomats and Sections. The Ministry of External Affairs has also advised to not travel to Canada during this rivalry.      

India-Canada News: In An ANI Interview

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau says, The government of India requires to take this matter with profound seriousness. As we are doing that and not looking to provoke or escalate any matter, we are simply trying to demonstrate the facts as we understand them and further, we want to work with the government of India.

It is extremely serious, and it has far-reaching consequences in international law. We’re going to remain calm. We will be amiable to retain our democratic principles and values. We will follow the evidence and ensure that the work is done to a whole people.”

Highlights to Keep a Track on for students and citizens of India

Indian students are strictly advised to follow the instructions to exercise extreme caution and vigilance. Indian people and students in Canada must contact with the High Commission of India in Ottawa or the Consulates General of India in region of Vancouver and Toronto through online mode, visit websites or MADAD portal at- Registration would enable the High Commission and the Consulates General to connect with Indian citizens in Canada in the case of emergency as per the Ministry of External Affairs.

This situation started between India, Canada after the PM of Canada Justin Trudeau laid charges against the Indian government for the fatal shooting of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. He was a terrorist of India, was shot outside a Gurdwara, near a parking area according to a Canada’s Surrey on June 18.

September 24,2023 – India-Canada News Update

On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leveled a startling claim, stating that Ottawa had substantial intelligence linking Indian operatives to the assassination of Khalistani extremist Nijjar in Vancouver. In response, India promptly rejected these allegations, branding them as “preposterous and motivated by ulterior motives.”

Here are Some FAQ’s on India-Canada Relationship

1. What is the current status of diplomatic relations between India and Canada?

Diplomatic relations between India and Canada are generally positive, with both countries maintaining embassies in each other’s capitals.

2. What are the main areas of cooperation between India and Canada?

India and Canada cooperate in various fields, including trade and investment, education, technology, and climate change. They also collaborate in international forums such as the United Nations.

3. How is trade between India and Canada?

Trade between India and Canada has been growing steadily. Both countries have expressed interest in expanding bilateral trade and investment.

4. Do India and Canada have any cultural exchanges?

Yes, there are cultural exchanges between India and Canada. These exchanges promote understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures.

5. What are the major challenges in the India-Canada relationship?

Some challenges in the relationship include occasional trade disputes, differences in policy positions on certain international issues, and visa-related matters for Indian nationals.

6. Has there been any recent controversy in the India-Canada relationship?

Recent controversies include allegations and counter-allegations related to espionage and interference in each other’s internal affairs. These issues have led to diplomatic tensions at times.

7. How do India and Canada collaborate on climate change and environmental issues?

Both countries are committed to addressing climate change and have engaged in discussions and initiatives to promote clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

8. Are there any educational ties between India and Canada?

Yes, many Indian students pursue higher education in Canada, and there are academic collaborations and exchange programs between universities and institutions in both countries.

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