When is Raksha Bandhan 2023? Why is Raksha Bandhan celebrated for Two days this year?

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“Raksha Bandhan” is defined as a ‘Knot of Protection’ in Sanskrit. Though the festivals vary on the geographic locations, sometimes it is hard to cooperate to tie a knot. This festival makes us realize the importance of siblings.

The sister ties a colorful and designed thread which is known as Rakhi, on the wrist of his brother, that works as an amulet for his brother. Sisters wish good things for their brothers. The thread signifies the protection of her brother and the brother gives a thoughtful gift to her sister to show love towards her.

According to Hindu calendar, Raksha Bandhan is one of the significant festivals of Hindus. It always falls on the full moon day of the Shukla Paksha within the month of Shravan. 

This year, people are in a dilemma regarding dates. Whether to celebrate either on August 30th or 31st. Uncertainty to choose the date for Rakhi is a big question this year. It is completely a baffling situation for the people who are working because both August 30th and 31st are working days. August 30th coincides with the presence of Bhadra, in addition to the full moon (Purnima) date within the Shravan month. This situation has extended the Rakhi’s celebrations for two days.  

Shubh Mahurat to Celebrate Rakhi 2023?

According to Hindu calendar or religious beliefs, Bhadra period is not an auspicious time to celebrate any occasion. We should not initiate anything good in this period. Individuals are confused regarding dates for Raksha Bandhan and facing uncertainty to choose an appropriate date. It is advised to all the people to not perform any activity during the Bhadra period which will get over after 9.03 PM on the same day. Hence, We should celebrate the Raksha Bandhan on August 31st as Shravan Purnima is observed on 31st. The full moon will commence on August 30, and it marks the onset of the Bhadra period which will get over at 9:01 PM. 

So, people are supposed to celebrate the festival at night which is not a suitable timing according to the Astrologers. It is not worth celebrating during nighttime so try to avoid that and celebrate the Raksha Bandhan on August 31st.      

History and Significance of the Raksha Bandhan:

Raksha Bandhan holds significance as it makes the bond stronger between siblings and cousins. There are epics which originated from mythology. 

Lakshmi and Bali

Raksha bandhan

In Vishnu Puran and Bhagavat Puran, Lord Vishnu changed his avatar in Vaman roop(as a Brahmin) on the grief of devas and went to King Bali when he was performing a Yagya. That brahmin begged 3 worlds for himself and bali gave him that and requested the Brahmin to stay at his place. Goddess Lakshmi, Vishnu’s wife was not happy about this. So, she decided to tie a Rakhi and made him her brother. King Bali asked Lakshmi to demand a wish and she asked for Vishnu’s return to home.   

Lord Krishna and Draupadi

Once Lord Krishna had cut his finger on the Sudarshan Chakra. It was seen by Draupadi so she tore a piece of cloth from her saree and tied the finger of Lord Krishna to stop the bleeding. This incident touched Krishna so he promised to protect her forever and he fulfilled his promise in the royal court of Hastinapur when Kauravas tried to molest her. In addition, the festival is the occasion for married women to go back to parent’s home.

The rituals of Raksha Bandhan commence with sisters taking Aarti of their brothers, putting tilak on their foreheads, tying a Rakhi around their wrists, offering them sweets, and exchanging gifts. The thread of Rakhi protects the brother and ensures to cherish the bond for lifetime.   

Some FAQ’s on Raksha Bandhan

1. What is Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that symbolizes the love and protection between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated by tying a decorative thread called a “rakhi” around the brother’s wrist.

2. When is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan usually falls on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan, which typically occurs in July or August.

3. What is the significance of Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan signifies the bond of love and protection between siblings. Sisters tie a rakhi on their brothers’ wrists as a symbol of their love and in return, brothers promise to protect their sisters.

4. How is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?

On Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a rakhi on their brothers’ wrists, perform an aarti (a ritual of waving a lit lamp), and offer sweets. Brothers, in return, give gifts and sometimes money to their sisters as a token of their love and protection.

5. Can Raksha Bandhan be celebrated by people of other religions?

Yes, Raksha Bandhan is not limited to Hindus, and people from various religious backgrounds celebrate it to honor the bond between siblings.

6. What are some traditional sweets exchanged during Raksha Bandhan?

Sweets like laddoos, barfis, and chocolates are commonly exchanged between siblings on Raksha Bandhan.

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